Web of Deceit is a module for the Top Secert/S.I. role-playing game written by Bob Kern.

Characters and LocationsEdit

San CristobalEdit

  • St. John Ignatius
  • Penelope Clavell


  • Lady Brenda Jellicoe-Parker
  • Martin Lebecque


  • Nokomo
  • Michelle LaVeau

East BeachesEdit

  • Pontielle
  • Miranda deAlmeida

Rubena KeysEdit

Elberon CityEdit

Glitter StreetEdit
El FieroEdit
  • Maximillian O'Rourke
  • Honey Madison
  • Su-fei Tung

Eden CayEdit

Other CharactersEdit

  • Jack Marshall
  • Jorge Carlos y Castenada (DGI)
  • Monica Pettigrew (Ilanya Sinitsin/KGB)
  • L. Michael Hollister (CIA)
  • Bobby Markham (Web)
  • Perry Fredericks (Orion)
  • Caryn Alan

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